Original concept videos created before the production of each film. They communicate tone, visual style, and help to get actors and crew on the same page. These are rough shots and edits, bare boned and shot using a Black Magic Pocket 1080p.

Original ECHOES Concept
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I created this concept in the fall of 2019, which later became the foundation for Echoes. I shot, color corrected, and sound mixed this short clip in four hours. I was experimenting with a cross-cut technique and discovering ways to create meaning across shifting environments. This video is where I also discovered the music style and soundscape for the film.


Unlike Overcast, which started as a story idea, Echoes began as a visual experiment that story was later crafted onto. Once the script was written, I gave it to my film composer, Caleb Allen Parker, before anyone else. We went through beat by beat and discovered the sound of the film based off of the script and video. The film was ultimately shot and paced off the pre-existing music Caleb created.

Original OVERCAST Concept
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I created this concept in late 2018. The script had already been written (it took about 4 months to write) and I used my own car to location scout through countless neighborhoods in the orange county area. My goal was to find a suburban area that looked like it didn't fully belong in California but could be somewhere in the mid-west. Although I wasn't able to secure the location filmed in this video, it served as a tonal pitch for all the actors and crew to draw from.


The point was to capture the overcast gloom and a section from the script to reference later. We ended up shooting the film during overcast days - we had to time it perfectly with the weather, there were only a few specific times early on before the skies cleared up.